Hebei Qisuo Group

Hebei Qisuo Group is incorporated company, registeredcapital 70 million yuan, own and holiding Fertilizer factory, Animal Feed company and Transformer factory. Currently have staff member more than 300 peoples,high engineer 11 people. Can accept custom produce per customer’s specailly ask.
Fertilizer:1.organic fertilzier: humic acid system, animal excreta system,such as chicken /sheep/ earthworm ;
2.liquid fertlizer: Drip fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, Urea ammonium nitrate solution.
3.high tower npk compound fertilizer, water soluble npk,Organic-inorganic complexfertilizer etc.
Animal feed: Pig & chicken / sheep etc.
Transformer:30KVA-2500KVA or much bigger ,per local electricity demand to order produce.
Welcome domestic and abroad customer visit us, we never produce Unqualified or fake products , will always honestly to customers, once cooperation will be lifelong friends.